Princes of the Apocalypse

The Sighing Valley
Death of Udrick
  • They spot a giant vulture picking at some gruesome remains on a rock. They engage and kill the giant vulture and are set upon by six blood hawks that were circling overhead, waiting for their turn to feast on the remains. After defeating the hawks, an examination of the dry, days-old gore only reveals that they belonged to some type of humanoid. (Area V2).
  • Late in the afternoon, the party is ambushed from range by a gnoll pack lord and three gnolls. As the party closes in on the gnolls’ position, the gnolls split in two groups going in opposing directions as they shoot and scoot. Udrick goes after the gnoll pack lord and a gnoll, while Cormak and Raiann go after the other two gnolls. Udrick dies under a barrage of arrows, but not before taking down one gnoll and seriously wounding the gnoll pack lord. The party finishes the remaining two gnolls and rests. (Area V4).
  • Midday as the party continues through The Sighing Valley, they are surprised by five aarakocra. The party gains the trust of Aleron, leader of the band of aarakocra, when they explain how Udrick was killed. Turns out the band of aarakocra was looking for the gnolls. They are also worried about the elemental evil’s new foothold in The Sighing Valley. They further inform the party that there is some link between air cultists and Feathergale Spire, and that humans are being sacrificed by being dropped from the top of the spire. Aleron gives Cormak a strange coin when Cormak mentions that the party is heading back to Red Larch. Aleron asks that the coin be given to Imdarr Relvaunder. (Area V8.)
  • Shortly before leaving The Sighing Valley, the party is attacked by three dwarves, which are quickly dispatched.
  • The party arrives at Red Larch and quickly heads to the Allfaiths Shrine. After explaining to Imdarr where they have been the past four days, they give him Aleron‘s coin. Imdarr smiles to himself and asks the party to bring Udrick’s body to an alcove behind the altar. He tells the party to place the corpse upon a marble table and return the next day. The party returns the next day to find Udrick back from the dead. Imdarr is wearing Aleron’s strange coin on a chain hanging from his neck. He tells the party, “If you see Aleron, let him know my debt has been paid.”

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